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    Software Selection

    Sorry guys I dont mean to have so many post. This should be my last one before my install. I went into the software selection area for SuSE before the install. I initally told SuSE to install gnome. But I see that I can choose KDE and I am assuming that means I can Install both desktops. I see there is "KDE Desktop Environment" and "All of KDE" im assumin, and correct me if im wrong that "KDE Desktop Environment" is just the Environment with no special KDE application" while the other is everything I would get if I was only installing KDE. Which one should I choose? What software will I get with "All KDE" I think the konqurer web will be installed which I will not use, since i will use Opera or Firefox. Can I get some comments to help me. Thanks.

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    Although you probably wont want to use Konqueror for web browsing, it is a fairly useful file browser as well, so you might want it for that. Other things that "all of KDE" will probably include are (among others) K3B (perhaps the most used CD/DVD burning app on linux), AmaroK (audio player which I rather like, but I've heard people criticise it for being too bloated or buggy at times), and probably some of the KDE graphics stuff, such as Kpaint (basically equivalent to the paint program that you'll know from windows), Ksnapshot (print-screen app) and KView (simple image viewer).

    Personally I would install it, unless you're pressed for hard drive space, as alot of the stuff from KDE is designed to ease the move from windows, and I'd say that it's quite successful in that.

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