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    Pre-install nVidia drivers?

    Is it possible to install the drivers for my nVidia card before I install Red Hat 9. I can't install in GUI mode because for some reason it doesn't like my video card I think. It's and nVidia gF 4 5200

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    RH9 *should* already have the open source nv driver... you can try to install via text mode... also, you should check the install docs for RH9 for a way to specify your vid card.. it could also be a misdetection of your monitor...
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    I wasn't aware that any distribution shipped with proprietary drivers. I know that they do ship with X's drivers but .... that's really about it.
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    Re: Pre-install nVidia drivers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Betti1214
    I can't install in GUI mode because for some reason it doesn't like my video card I think.
    That's right, you can't install nVidia's drivers in GUI mode, but that's not because they don't like your card, it's simply because they will refuse to install themselves while you're running an X server (this is actually a stupid decision by nVidia - completely groundless, and I don't understand why they did it that way). In any case, you'll have to log out of your graphical environment, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to a text terminal, log in, run "telinit 3" to terminate the X server and display manager, and then you can install them. Once the installation is complete, you can run "telinit 5" to restart the display manager and the X server.

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