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    i am lost my /usr/src/?

    a month ago i am install RedHat Linux 7.3 Valhalla
    but i didn't give my check sign on Kernel Development
    and when i try some tutorial to compile the kernel whupps ?

    #cd /usr/src/
    #ls -l

    1. actually my HDD 4.3 GB i sliced into two OS RHL 7.3 & Win98
    if i can compile the kernel agaian am i have to give check sign on installation ?
    2. is there any tools else Xconfigurator & Xf86config ? my friend didn't know what brand is Video Card he have, can i configure it base on chipset of Video Card and how about default ?
    3. also i am using Asus motherboard (i forgot the type i think support Pentium4) with NIC onboard but why when the installation didn't recognize the NIC


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    Ah yes, kernel issues. Basically, you have two choices. You can either install a RPM kernel by Red Hat or download the latest one at I'd recommend that you also upgrade RH to Fedora if this is for home usage.

    To configure X in RH, you can use Xconfigurator. I believe that is one of the nicest tools. You can also use other things like xf86cfg and xf86config. I believe the latter is a text-based program but if your friend is in RH, just use Xconfigurator. Also, I don't know how advanced you are in Linux but you might want to download the drivers from it's appropriate company. Fore example, both Nvidia and ATI provide their own proprietary drivers. Beware, it's not open source and you are not allowed to tweak it in anyway.

    NIC onboard, you'll have to read or research the information on that model to see which chipset the NIC uses. Once you have that, compile that into the kernel or build it as a module and load it.

    Feel free to ask more questions.
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    usr/src being empty jsut means u dont have kernel sources installed, try downloading the latest kernel-source rpm from wherever u get rpms from.

    u dont have to reinstall, just download and install the rpm file i mentioned above. - And make sure its for the correct distro (eg, RH/MDK/suse/etc etc, they dont usually like running each others kernels)

    for both the 2 & 3, run
    lspci -v

    this should tell u roughly what video card is in there (listed as vga controller: blah blah blah)

    and ur NIC should be listed as either communication controller or ethernet controller or similar

    once u have the chipset for either of these things, it should eb straiightforward how to fix them, if u cant get it tho, post the names/numbers here and someone will be able to help.


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