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    Question disk partitioning?!!?!? fedora core 5 help!

    i need to partition my hard drive, and for some reason the onbaord partitioner included with Fedora COre 5 doesn't work... all automatics except write ovver tried, and i have 23 free Gbs of space,.. the other 17 has windows and other crap which i need to keep and beable to dual boot
    it give me the error:
    Could not allocate requested partitions
    partitioning failed:
    Could not allocate partition as primary partitions

    then is goes

    YOu have not defined a root partition (/) which is required for installation of Fedora Core to continue

    so i dunno whats up with that if you do that would be great to enlighten me but right now i am looking for a 3rd part partitioning software that is FREE for partitions so i can try to preformat then install.
    if you could provide me with names or links that would be :tup:
    or if you know why FC5 is being gay with its Disk Druid and Anaconda then that would be uber too

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    Please use only one thread for this issue :
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    well i thought that perhaps i had posted in the wrong forums, and this question is more of where to get partitioning software
    but as i haven't really gotten any usefeul help in my first yet i thought that i would post in this section

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    Sounds as if you don't know how to use the Fedora partitioner imho. Nothing wrong with that. If you have a Knoppix CD (with qtparted included) or e.g. a gparted-live CD, you could use them for performing the partitioning. Links are available at
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