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    I am new to Linux and not sure which forum this goes in but here is my problem. I am attempting to install the new kernel rpm's for RH9. the 2.4.20-28.9.athlon, and then the source for that kernel aswell.

    When I double click on them in gnome, the *.athlon.rpm comes up with the checking dependencies, the window closes and then nothing happens. The source.rpm does nothing.

    When I try it in terminal, i use the rpm -i [filename] command and for the *.athlon.rpm it says that it has NOKEY and that it cannot write or open the var/lib/rpm directories. I also tried the rpm -U command and the same thing happend.

    When I try the *source.rpm, it says that I do not have permission or something like that to open the %sourcedir and then some path that I forgot.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated. This is driving me crazy, and I am sure it is something simple, but I just started on Linux today so I do not have much of an idea about the terminal commands.

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    you can try urpmi... it's supposed to be better than rpm... not sure on its usage though.. to find out, type this at a shell prompt:
    man urpmi
    the GUI rpm utility is known to be broken and not worth a damn.. not sure what the command line errors, are, though.. i think it has to do with the way the package is (not?) signed with RH's GPG keys...
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    Are you installing the RPM as root
    Sounds like you are using your normal user account.
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    Yea, make sure you are root and also try

    To test install:
    rpm -ivh --test pkgname

    To install:
    rpm -ivh pkgname

    To update:
    rpm -Uvh pkgname

    Here's a list of rpm commands

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    I will try the other suggests too. But how would I change to root, and not be in my local user account? Thanks again.

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    use the "su" command to change to root and everything (hopefully) should work. Good luck
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    thanks very much that worked and I was able to install the kernel update. However, I still have a problem with the src update. When I try to install it in terminal, it says that it cannot create %sourcedir . . . /usr/. . . ./SOURCE

    I forgot the stuff in between. Any idea why this is still happening to me? I am root now. This whole thing started when I tried to get my nforce network card working. I need the kernel src to make the driver from the .tar

    Any help would be appreciated. This is my second day on linux, and its already better than MS

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