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    Question How to install another OS?

    I recently purchased a refurbished computer that uses Linux OS. I have no experience with Linux so I want to download Windows 2000, but also keep Linux. I don't have a Linux disk, but I do have the Windows 2000 disk. How can I download the Windows while keeping the Linux?

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    What distro (distribution) is it? i.e. redhat, suse, fedora, ubuntu...
    Also, can you figure out what the partitioning scheme of the hard drive is? Sometimes everything is on one partition, but often they split up certain parts of the OS to different parts of the hard drive. If theres any decent amount of unallocated free space on the hard drive, I would guess that you should just be able to install windows on that, though I personally don't have much experience installing windows. Otherwise you would have to resize the linux partitions then install windows, which would probably be difficult with no experience in linux.

    Hopefully other people here will be able to provide you with more specific advice. There's plenty of tutorials online about how to install linux on a computer running windows, but I've yet to see any for the reverse.

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    The distro is Ubuntu. Other than that, I know nothing about the system or Linux in general. I did stumble across the partition screen by just exploring the system, but I wasn't able to access it because it asked for the administrator's password and I don't know it. And I don't know if I could find the partitions again if I were to try. Any idea how I can access and split up the partitions?

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    start the PC, press "F8", look at screen, use arrows to your CDDrive, insert your WinXP CD in that drive & press Enter, look at screen & BE QUICK to press any key when it says so.

    This Boot up will guide you to partitionand install XP. Good Luck

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