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Thread: Grub & Lilo

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    Question Grub & Lilo

    I have removed fedora core 5 by formatting fedora's section on hard disk, and installed PCLinuxOS on it's area, but in the install instruction they say that "If there is Grub boot loader installed as boot loader, you shouldn't install Lilo because it makes problem with overwriting Lilo on Grub."
    so I have rebooted my machine without Lilo, but when I boot there is black screen

    I have win xp at mnt/win_c
    and PCLinuxOS at mnt/pclinuxos.

    can anyone help me?

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    If it were me, I'd just remove GRUB from the MBR by booting with a Windows emergency boot disk and running: fdisk /mbr


    by booting with the Windows XP installation CD and from the recovery console typing: fixmbr

    Then reinstall PCLinuxOS, this time with LILO.

    Otherwise, you could chroot into your PCLinuxOS install by booting your pclinuxos cd, then opening a konsole.

    su to root and type these commands (with "x" being where you put your pclinuxos installation, such as /dev/hda3)

    mount /dev/hdx /mnt/hdx
    mount -t proc none /mnt/hdx/proc
    mount -t none /dev /mnt/hdx/dev -o bind
    chroot /mnt/hdx
    From there, you can edit GRUB as needed to reboot with PCLinuxOS.

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    thank you very much, ozar!!

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