Hi, I have an old ClarkConnect system I wish to upgrade to Fedora. I basically need a simple SMB/CIFS fileserver as the core requirement. Today the whole system runs 2 x 120Gb disks using md (software) RAID 1 mirroring. I kinda think its unlikely i set it up correctly so it will boot if i do lose a drive.

I want to upgrade as follows:
- boot image and RAID driver/config on a 1Gb USB stick
- 2 x data disks as before doing RAID 1

This time if I lose a disk I WANT TO KNOW it will work fine and boot ok.
So, Fedora Core 5 as simple server - how easily do i do this?

Will the boot image fit on a 1Gb USB stick ?
How do i go about building this? I plan to use the ISO DVD image (the box has a DVD drive). Often I get confused at how to lay out the disk & where to place the relevant key directories.

Thanks in advance for advice.