THE CHALLENGE: Install FC4 x86_64 with RAID0 module from a 1GB ipod shuffle without the aid of CDs, boot harddrives, or a local linux install.

i tried various syslinux.cfg tactics, got it to boot several times but it ended up in a kernel panic after a few install screens.

so i tried the diskboot.img method suggested by fedora. boots up, looks good, i say "linux dd askmethod text", or something like that. a few install screens go by, i load my RAID drivers. Then, everytime i get a kernel panic ending in usb_disconnect bus_remove_device usb_disable_device, etc. wtf is going with this?

the installer says the RAID driver i installed doesn't suit the driver needs or whats going on... no kidding, that should be the usb module it claims to install right before that.

so, i tried acpi=off, selinux=0, noprobe, etc. nothing did it. i dont think the fact that its an ipod shuffle as opposed to Generic Pen Drive X should matter. In fact, acpi=off just froze the install while loading the SATA or RAID drivers for my VIA vt8237 controller.

I am clueless on this one.

I even tried mkinitrd with a bunch of preloaded modules. no dice.