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    Angry argh!!...

    ok, i followed this guide and i think i need help now.

    1. i did everything except, i had to use hda1 instead of sda2. and i used 60000 instead of 20000, and also, the bit about :

    When asked for the end, make sure it is large enough to hold the NTFS file system you just made. In my case it was 20000M for the 20G file system. 1000M per G the way these two progranms calculate

    i got a message saying that its 9729 (or around that number). it said that it is fine, but it should be 1025 or something ... but anyway, i couldn't put 20000(or 60000 in my case) cause its max was 9729.

    2. i want to resize it back but dont know how. at the moment its just a 60GB drive, and like its almost as if i've "lost" 20 GB's off of the drive....

    3. i thought this was going to create a partition for me to install linux (Linspire in my case). aswell as keeping windows xp installed.

    basically, i have a 80 GB harddrive on my laptop. i want it to split into 2. one 60GB HDD partition for windows and 20GB HDD partition for Linspire, please can someone help me do this??.. im at a loss and at the stage where i want to just...give up!... please please help me!!.


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    1. When asked for the end I think you're supposed to put "+20000M" for 20Gigs, if you miss the + out it goes a bit wrong.

    2. If you're only just partitioning, and you made the wrong size partition, just delete it and add it again at the right size.

    3. I used partition magic to shrink my ntfs partition down on my laptop, then I installed Linux from the distro disk in the free space.
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    ah i see, thanks for the info.
    i have partition magic now and im creating a partition, but wat i want to know is, should i use FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2/3 or swap as the file system type? im guessing one of the linux ones right?... and what about a label? will it matter wat i put there??


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    If you're going to be installing, you can create new partitions with the installer, it's actually better at it than Partition Magic, and it'll create labels for you automatically too.

    If you're putting Linux on the system then the main filesystem for it's hard disk space should be ext3; NTFS causes problems for linux, and FAT/FAT32 does not have the security system that is needed by the OS. You may want to reserve a small FAT32 parition for sharing data between both OS's.
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    ah... well, i've already installed it to a FAT32 partition i created with partition magic... but i dont think it matters, seeing as im not planning on taking it online anyway.
    but then, i suppose i should go for a different linux then right??..seeing as alot of Linspire's features are online... and you got apt-get and that other one (cant remember name) which are both online apps...*shrugs*

    thanks for the help

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