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    Keyboard and multiboot issues on Slackware..

    Sup yall,

    Linux noob here. Im attempting to install Slackware 10.2 for use as a gaming server and also keep the option to multi boot to my original XP pro. Any help yall can give is GREATLY appreciated.

    I used Norton partiton magic to create a 6G linux partiton on my master drive after the XP fat32 partiton. Also created a 500M linux swap partition on my slave drive after my ntfs storage partition.

    The first intall went fine, recognized my (ps2) keyboard throuout the install. Booted to Lilo and would start up slackware up to the login. Then, it wouldnt take input from my ps2 keyboard however it did recognize my usb mouse (strange). Aslo at the same time, upon rebooting, I attempted to boot to my old windows XP via Lilo but it also failed. Needless to say, I started over by repartitioning my drives back to normal and used norton ghost to resore all back to a fully operational operational XP Pro.

    Soooo, here I go again. Ive prepd again with norton and now the intall gets to the <option to load support for non us kb> and then doesnt recognize my kb to go any further. (ive turned off usb emulation in bios as reccomended BTW) Hopefully Ive given enough info for yall to help me answer a few questions...

    1> Is it better to use norton partiton magic to prep linux partitions or will the slackware install do that itself?

    2> Whats the best way to multi boot? Lilo, edit my boot.ini, any other suggestions?

    3> What can I do about the KB issue?
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    Please don't double post, this is already in the Slackware section. Locked.
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