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    Post-install grub display problem - Matrox P750

    Hi, I'm currently trying to set up a dual boot with suse 10.1 and windoze (with a matrox P750 and dual monitors) but without much success, the CD runs fine, install options... partitioning... system... install... all ok then it reboots and I get a totally corrupt screen (which was perfect during setup) when it's running grub I assume, there's a screenshot here: I can tab through options but it's unusable.

    From a bit of digging I think it's something to do with grub using the wrong vga mode but can't see how to change the option for grub itself as opposed to the OS's. I can get into rescue mode from the cd, mount the suse partition and have vi'd grub.conf and menu.lst but am just groping in the dark really.

    Any help would be very much appreciated,



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    Update: Have just tried gentoo with similar results, must be a grub config problem somewhere, have tried setting vga=<various params> but no luck. which seems to hint at a prob with grub/matrox p750, but bit weird that cd and installer runs fine though?!?!

    any ideas?

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