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    usb freaking out! stuck with windoze, help!!

    after long and grueling hours of trying to discover my proper laptop settings to install linux and blow out windoze, i'd finally succeeded... however...

    it turns on and boots up alright, but whenever i log in to my redhat 7.3 the gui hangs indefinitely, i switched to a console screen and saw the message

    usb-ohci.c: bogus NDP=255 for OHCI usb-00:0d.0
    usb-ohci.c: rereads as NDP=255
    usb-ohci.c: bogus NDP=255 for OHCI usb-00:0d.1 #<--the one is different
    usb-ohci.c: rereads as NDP=255

    the above message repeats forever

    my computer is a laptop, here:

    the hardware is almost the same as the M5305 if that helps

    the weak BIOS won't let me deselect any onboard hardware except to turn off legacy USB support which i've tried to no avail.

    when it boots i can see two usb controllers coming up, ehci-hcd and usb-ohci if nothing else, can anyone tell me where i should be to turn off the initialization of the usb-ohci???

    in my investigating, there's a possiblility that it has something to do with the FireWire port, but that was just a possibility.

    thanks in advance!

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    check out your
    file. About two thirds of the way thru should be the stuff to activate USB.

    Be VERY careful in editing this file.

    have fun

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    thank you much friend! i was able to disable the usb and start kde properly!

    /me tips his hat to you


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