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    Lightbulb Multiple, Totally Independent WinXP Installs on the Same HardDrive via Grub - Solved!

    Originally Titled: Installing WinXP to Logical Partition via Imaging Software...any editing needed?

    Just built a new rig and put WinXP on it for gaming. I'm useing Linux, VL specifically, as my primary OS though, don't worry lol.

    Current OS Hard Drive Setup

    hda1 - WinXP NTFS

    hda5 - Linux swap
    hda6 - VectorLinux ReiserFS

    I'd like a second WinXP install to play around with WinOS software without messing up my primary WinOS install. I have a copy of Acronis True Image 8.x and already have an image made of my primary hda1 WinXP partition. I thought about just pushing the image to hda7, rerunning lilo, and seeing what happens. But I thought it would be best to look into it first.

    Using imaging software gets around WinXP's stupid installer, and WinXP is installed at the beginning of the drive. I'm just not sure what I need to edit, if anything. Would I have to edit either of the XP installs' boot.ini file(s) or something?

    Tried a bit of googling but didn't find anything discussing something like this.



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    Actually I didn't get you..!! Can you be more precise..?

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    I'm sorry to hear that. Let me put it another way.

    Current OS Hard Drive Setup
    Primary Parition:
    hda1 - 15GB Windows XP

    Logical Partitions:
    hda5 - Linux Swap
    hda6 - VectorLinux
    hda7 - Empty partition
    ....the rest of the hard drive is unpartitioned free space

    I would like to use imaging software (Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image, etc.) to put an image I have of WinXP on hda1 to hda7.

    This would allow me to have two WinXP installs on the same harddrive without having to remove my linux parititons. I intend to use the second WinXP install as a trash partition e.g. playing a game with Starforce or playing with 3rd-party XP themes.

    What I need to know though is whether no not I need to adjust anything on the hda7 install. Such as changing anything C:\ (hda1) related or editing the boot.ini.

    Hope this is a little clearer.



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    Couldn't use an imaging solution nor a logical parition though lol. Really a basic solution using hide/unhide in Grub. Don't know why I didn't think of it ealier. A big thats to JustLinux resident saikee for crucial pointers!

    PcPer Discussion Thread:
    Multiple, Totally Independent WinXP Installs on the Same HardDrive via Grub

    A HowTo Posted here at
    HowTo: Multiple, Independent WinXP Installs on the Same HardDrive via Grub



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