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    need Network install HELP for Mandrake 9.2! with network.img

    I am trying to install mandrake 9.2, by booting with a floppy written with network.img using rawrite. My goal is to do the network install. I can't even get to where I can choose an FTP server.

    It boots, then I choose the FTP INSTALL installation method

    It then says, "choose the desired IP attribution (static, DHCP, ADSL)"

    STATIC gives these options:
    IP of this machine ___
    IP of DNS ___
    IP of default gateway ___
    netmask ___

    DHCP gives these options:
    host name ___
    domain name ___

    ___ is where I have to fill something out... I have tried EVERYTHING, and it just times out, every time.

    What should I input to make this work? I have tried every combination of anything logical.

    Here is what I think should work (if I choose DHCP):
    host name: mandrakebx
    domain name:

    Is this right?

    Should I choose STATIC? I am using cable modem, plugged directly into the computer. If I choose static I put in this:

    IP ___
    IP of DNS ________ ??? [what should I put here?]
    IP of default gateway ________ ???? [what should I put here?]
    netmask _____

    Please help!!!! Thanks!

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    if you choose the DHCP option, i would expect the settings you said to work. However, DHCP relies on your ISP providing a dynamic IP address service.

    If you have dynamic IP, then choose DHCP. If not, call your ISP for the static IP options.


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