When attempting to install Mandrake 10.1 using the default options (pressing enter) I got a message rather continually and gave up and rebooted, the message was:

hda1: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0xff
so I attempting again and went into the options section this time trying "linux noapic" and got the same message.

The next attempt I tried using the alt1 config, and this seemed to be going better until it informed me that "the floppy" didn't have the sil3114A sata_sil and later in the instalation it gave me this message:

insmod'ing module sata_nv failed at /usr/bin/perl-install/modules.pm line 302
and as you've probably guessed my SATA drive wasn't recognized during partitioning, so I could not install (this is the drive I am attempting to install Mandrake to)

My other IDE drive was recognized and everything else looked fine, from what I could see at that point.

My mobo is: ASUS k8n4-e deluxe with NVIDIA nForce 4 4xchipset

(oh yeah, the drive is fine I am able to use it on windows)

So my question is how can I get the install to load the drivers for my SATA controller?

any help is welcomed with open arms (I've been googling for hours to no avail and have gotten extremely frustrated and being a linux newbie doesn't help )