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    Windows XP and RH 9 bootloader

    I have two separate hard drives (hdc and hdd). hdc is my linux hd, which also happens to contain my bootloader (lilo). I installed Windows XP on my other hard drive about a week ago by disconnecting my linux hd and letting Windows do its thing. I reconnected the Windows hd as a slave and am trying to tell lilo where it is, but I've been having no luck. Here's a current copy of my lillo.conf:
    (global stuff)
    append="hda=ide-scsi root=LABEL=/"
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I cannot see anything obviously wrong with it, but i dont claim to be a lilo expert either.

    If you cannot get the lilo thing working, i can suggest 2 alternatives:
    1) Make your winXP harddrive the primary boot disk, you can edit your c:\boot.ini to give you linux in a list of operating system choices.

    2) Install grub, and take a look at the Grub howto and also the dual booting howto

    Sorry i cant be of more help.


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    have u tried XOSL ?
    Its a very nice boot loader.
    Install it in the c: drive of windows hdd (if fat32 and not ntfs)
    You can then dual boot.
    I have a similar setup.
    Here goes:
    hdc - hdc1= My fedora /
    So i installed grub in "1st sector of root partition"
    hdd - hdd1= My win c:
    I installed XOSL here
    And the setup rocks.
    Any time i re-install win98 (it crashes often ) I have linux untouched
    I have XOSL reinstalled. That's it.
    You are the one Linux!

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    May be u can create a linux-boot disk(3.5) when installing linux(or in linux) and after reintalletion any os(#win9 use your linux disk to load linux. I think it`s simpler...

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    Thanks for all your help, everybody...turns out GRUB can do it, it just required a little decoding of various man pages and tutorials online...I'm not at home currently, but when I get home I'll post a copy of my final grub file, in case anybody has the same difficulty as me

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