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    Booting Gentoo from Grub

    Alright, here's the deal. I've been trying to set up Gentoo on a dualboot with Win2k for the past day or so, and I've made a lot of progress; I know that Windows works from the BASH prompt, and I've even managed to get Gentoo working from it as well, however, there's a certain error preventing me from getting into the system:

    VFS : Cannot open root device "hdg3" or 27:03
    Please apppend a correct "root=" boot option
    Kernel panic ! Could not mount root fs!

    Now, I know hdg3 looks like a weird partition designation, and I have to admit I don't know where it comes from myself; however, I know that it's correct, because when I use the command fdisk /dev/hdg3 -p on the LiveCD, it shows me a partition of filesystem type ext3 that is 198 gigs; this is the correct partition.

    However, GRUB recognizes this same partition as (hd3,2), so logically, the partition designation should be /dev/hdd3, right? Well, that doesn't work either.

    I've got the kernel loaded and everything, all the file paths are correct; it's just that root= argument that prevents Gentoo from loading.

    P.S. I've tried root=LABEL=/ as well, to no avail.

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    By watching the text that scrolls by when Gentoo is loading, I've figured something out; it recognizes my first 120 gig drive as HDA, the second 120 gig drive as HDB, my DVD drive as HDC, and my CD burner as HDD. This is the progression of my drives from Primary Master/Slave to Secondary Master/Slave.

    However, my Linux installation drive is neither on Primary nor Secondary; it is hooked up to a PCI ATA card. The LiveCD automatically detects this card and installs, along with recognizing the drives on it; however, I don't seem to notice it in the text that scrolls by when Gentoo is loading.

    How do I go about getting Gentoo itself to recognize this drive?

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    Does this card need some kind of support in the kernel perhaps? I'm sorry I don't know anything about ATA cards so that's all I can come up with.

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