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    New hard drive issue - help!

    I have a scsi box with an 18gig drive and a 37 gig drive; I just installed a new 73 gig drive. All three are recognized at the hardware level.

    I partitioned it with cfdisk /dev/sdc. Everything went fine.

    I then did a mke2fs -c -j -v -L jobs /dev/sdc1 to make an ext3 file system with a disk label of "jobs". Again, all went fine.

    I then created my mount point mkdir /data and mounted the new drive with mount /dev/sdc1 /data. So far so good.

    When I copy files from the 37 gig to the new 73 gig drive, they almost double in size...I have a LOT of small files that I need to move.

    For example, one directory that went over had 1967 files & 87 directories, with an actual size of 2,704,277,504 bytes on the old drive. On the new drive, it grew to use an actual 4,424,990,720 bytes!

    How do I fix this? I have spent hours going through man pages, the ldp pages, etc, and cannot find the answer. I am sure it has to do with either the # of inodes or the size of the blocks, but I am not sure, and do not know how to change it.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Problem solved...and I feel like an idiot. I have spent MANY hours over the last few days trying to resolve this issue. As it turns out it is actually not an issue after all.

    While I am getting the drive ready to move my data over, I am also adding it to my samba configuration for sharing with windoze machines...and it turns out that it is windoze giving bad info.

    I finally had a friend get back in town; he logged in, and did not see the issue - but he was looking at it through a remote debian box; I was looking via my windoze workstation. He saw no changes in file sizes...I did.

    Assuming there was an issue at my windoze end, I copied all 34.5 gig of data from the older 36 gig drive to the new 73 gig drive - and it all fit just fine. In fact, looking at it from a linux box, it took up almost half the new drive - which is right. When I look at it from my windoze box, it showed the files taking up 127 gig...more than the drive!

    When I check another way in windoze, btw, it lists it correctly. Go figure.

    On the up side, I now know more about the ext3 filesystem, how it structures data on the drive, and the options in creating one than I ever expected to know!

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    Yes, lol at least you learned something. I pity people who are not willing to read. Luckily most, if not all Linux users are willing to read...

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