(linux noob)

I'm trying to install SUSE 10.1 on a secondary 75GB harddrive that I have formatted and removed all partitions from. WinXP is installed on a 45GB SCSI drive and I also have a 200GB USB drive attached and accessible from boot.

The first problem I get is after the installer partitions the 75GB harddrive and mounts the NTFS partitions. I get an error:

"Initializing Target Directory Failed" with 2 options; ignore and cancel. If I cancel, it kicks me out of the installer and if I choose ignore, the install continues until 73% where it freezes. The installer reads "creating initrd...". I can't get past this point and I have tried burning the CD over again as well as tried a different burning program but to no avail. Oh, and before each install attempt, I remove the partitions that linux had created on the 75GB drive in windows XP so that it appears to be unpartitioned.

How do I get linux on my computer?! Thanks