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    Uninstalling Linux

    Hi, I have had a dual boot running with WinXP and RedHat7, using Grub.

    circumstances dictate that I remove linux for now, and I am still a linux newbie so I need a hand.

    I had this setup earlier but with Corel Linux (don't ask) and LILO and what I did to remove it was wipe out the linux partition, then do fdisk/mbr and Windows was back.

    When I did this now, (again deleted Linux partitions and added it to windows one, then did fdisk/mbr) I get just a grub prompt, I cant seem to get windows to load.

    Can I recover my windows partition or do I need to wipe it out and start again?


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    you could wipe out all partitions but i believe if you just delete the linux partition(s) using fdisk then it will be fine

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    slight correction to make..
    after I had removed the linux partition I was getting the grub loader, so I did the fsidk/mbr
    now I just get an error "error loading operating system" so I think its a windows issue, probably cant locate the right partition anymore.

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    Boot up with your windows install cd and choose repair and do fixMBR (not sure if thats the actual command, there will be a list of options).

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    I do believe that is correct.
    Fix the boot record with Windows and Linux will no longer try to boot up.

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    remove linux?

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    Already tried the fixMBR option
    I think the windows bootloader is now active but it's looking for WinXP on partition 1 rather then 0.
    I'm going to try manually changing the config files tommorow..

    Thanks for all the quick replies guys.

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    why not create a linux boot floppy and use that to boot windows if all else fails

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