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    Inconsistent Partition Table

    I'm trying to install LILO onto my hard drive but every time I get this and I've reformatted and everything so I'm getting a bit frustrated. Would anyone tell me how to fix this if there is a way I would be so happy! Right now I have to boot through the CD!

    FYI I'm running Open Suse 10.1

    Device 0x0300: Inconsistent partition table, 2nd entry
    CHS address in PT: 194:0:1 --> LBA (195552)
    LBA address in PT: 3116610 --> CHS (3091:14:1)
    Fatal: Either FIX-TABLE or IGNORE-TABLE must be specified
    If not sure, first try IGNORE-TABLE (-P ignore)

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    Hi - what is the make and model of your hard drive? I did a Google search and it seems that some drives have something called 'configurable address translation'. The information I found suggested that not every distro supports this. How did you create your partitions? Which file system are you using.

    It's a start.
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    Ok...hopefully this will give you enough information.

    The hard drive is a bit old. Western Digital WD400AB IDE Hard Drive

    Partitions set up as:
    Device Mount Start End Size File System
    /dev/hda1 swap 0 193 1.4GB Linux Swap
    /dev/hda2 / 194 2071 14.3GB Linux Native (Reiser??? not sure but I think so)
    /dev/hda3 /home 2072 4864 21.3GB Linux Native (also not sure if that means Reiser or not)

    Hope this helps becuase this is driving me nuts! Thank you so much for you help allready!


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