Install fails generating error message, "Changing enviornment to target system was not successful." This hangs the install process while still on CD-1.

Install on Dell Dimension 9150, Intel Pentium D Processor 940 (3.2GHz) w/Dual Core Technology, 2 SATA 160 GB drives with 2nd drive raw before install. Drives originally were RAID, but I set both to non-RAID and reinstalled Windows XP Media Center on C: Drive.

I used SUSE to set partions up similar to start-up manual guidelines at top of page 10 except with larger size partitons in some cases and a large FAT32 logical partition as the last partition in the extended partition. SUSE tests show partitions and file systems all OK.

I have tried various boot loader install approaches, but can't find one that works. Evidently, the default attempts to use the MBR of my /dev/sda where I have XP installed.
Using the repair approach I discover that this generates a message: "An error occurred during initrd creation. sh: /sbin/mkinitrd: No such file or directory
sh: /sbin/mkinitrd: No such file or directory"