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    ndiswrapper installation problem

    halo... i had faced a problem of installing ndiswrapper.

    I did able to installed a window driver, w70n501 from this link:

    I did follow the installation instruction from :

    After installed the driver, it shown in terminal:

    [root@hb2b-130 drivers]# ndiswrapper -l
    Installed drivers:
    w70n501 driver installed, hardware present

    After that, i typed " depmod -a" and then "modprobe ndiswrapper", everything is ok.

    But when i type" dmesg", there is error message shown in terminal:

    ndiswrapper version 1.23 loaded (preempt=no,smp=no)
    ndiswrapper: driver w70n501 (Intel,07/13/2006, loaded
    ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:02:02.0[A] -> Link [LNKC] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
    loadndisdriver: page allocation failure. order:5, mode:0xd0
    [<c0157b25>] __alloc_pages+0x2c4/0x3df
    [<c015a943>] kmem_getpages+0x26/0x7b
    [<c015baaa>] cache_grow+0x246/0x39d
    [<c016e517>] vmap_pte_range+0x1f/0xa9
    [<c015bed6>] cache_alloc_refill+0x2d5/0x366
    [<cfc9a8ab>] __udivdi3+0x20/0x25 [ndiswrapper]
    [<c015c33e>] __kmalloc+0x6d/0x82
    [<cfc8d5b6>] ExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x2b/0x8a [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc86e04>] NdisAllocateMemoryWithTag+0x1f/0x3b [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc9589f>] miniport_init+0xa7/0x14a [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc97f3d>] ndis_start_device+0xe/0x601 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc934a6>] pdoDispatchPnp+0x4f/0xf4 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc91326>] IofCallDriver+0x31/0x61 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc91592>] IoSyncForwardIrp+0x5b/0xa2 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc90c78>] IoAllocateIrp+0x53/0x70 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc97dc8>] NdisDispatchPnp+0x7a/0x12d [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc91326>] IofCallDriver+0x31/0x61 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc933cc>] IoSendIrpTopDev+0xb6/0x117 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc936cc>] pnp_start_device+0x44/0x96 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc93b18>] wrap_pnp_start_device+0xde/0x15d [ndiswrapper]
    [<c021b470>] pci_device_probe_static+0x25/0x31
    [<c021b49c>] __pci_device_probe+0x20/0x30
    [<c021b4c7>] pci_device_probe+0x1b/0x32
    [<c0287ce7>] driver_probe_device+0x21/0x55
    [<c0287e0e>] driver_attach+0x4f/0x85
    [<c020ec4d>] kobject_register+0x2e/0x59
    [<c028821c>] bus_add_driver+0x8a/0xb7
    [<c021b68d>] pci_register_driver+0x89/0xa0
    [<cfc84efa>] register_devices+0x3a2/0x654 [ndiswrapper]
    [<cfc85278>] wrapper_ioctl+0xcc/0xde [ndiswrapper]
    [<c01f7145>] selinux_file_ioctl+0xce/0x2d9
    [<cfc851ac>] wrapper_ioctl+0x0/0xde [ndiswrapper]
    [<c0192e21>] do_ioctl+0x51/0x55
    [<c0192f17>] vfs_ioctl+0x50/0x1aa
    [<c01930ce>] sys_ioctl+0x5d/0x6b
    [<c0103a51>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb
    ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:239): log: C0001389, count: 2, return_address: cfce268a
    ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:242): code: 3
    ndiswrapper (NdisWriteErrorLogEntry:242): code: 0
    ndiswrapper (miniport_init:264): couldn't initialize device: C0000001
    ndiswrapper (pnp_start_device:42: Windows driver couldn't initialize the device (C0000001)
    ndiswrapper (miniport_halt:327): device cb095280 is not initialized - not halting
    ndiswrapper: device eth%d removed
    unregister_netdevice: device eth%d/cb095000 never was registered
    ndiswrapper: probe of 0000:02:02.0 failed with error -22

    Forgot to mentioned that currently i am using 4k stack size..... is that got related to this problem??
    Did anyone have any idea about this ???
    Please drop your advices and ideas abot this.
    Your advices and ideas are much appreciated

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    What distro are you using, and did you install a binary or source version of ndiswrapper?
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    i am using fedora core 4, 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 and i am trying to install ndiswrapper-1.23

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    halo Javasnob, may i know what did you mean by "binary or source version of ndiswrapper" ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahaha
    halo Javasnob, may i know what did you mean by "binary or source version of ndiswrapper" ??
    Did you compile this yourself from a .tar.gz file, or did you use the package manager or download an .rpm file?
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    i had downlaoded the .tar.gz file and I did followed the installation instruction from the installation file as well as this link:

    Now i think the problem i am facing now is due the stack size problem because in fedora core 4, 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4 only got 4k stack size which while window drivers normally is more than that. So i need to increase to 16K.

    Did anyone the methods to increase from 4K to 16K ???

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