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    Installing CentOS on SATA harddrive?

    I am a complete newbie and not technical. I am trying to install CentOS on my Acer desktop (for dual boot with XP which already exists on the machine, which is otherwise empty). It has a SATA hard drive (ULI M1573). I found a linux SATA driver but it seems to need compiling, which is completely beyond my current knowledge level.

    I originally tried installing (before finding out I needed SATA drivers for Linux), and the install just hangs every time at the same place. First time around it said it couldn't find the hard drive, but since then, it doesn't ask and just hangs.

    I don't have any Linux experience and am installing CentOS for some software that runs on it. Until I can learn a bit about Linux

    1. Where can I find a compiled SATA hard drive driver so CentOS will install and work on the machine?
    2. How do I install the driver - can I install from windows and then run the CentOS install?

    Hope someone can help me! After several attempts, partitioning, disappearing hard drives and goodness knows what else, I am quite desperate!.


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    You shouldn't need any special drivers if you are using the latest CentOS release. I use CentOS on several machines with SATA drives without issue. To save you some hassle and while you are familiarizing yourself to Linux, I would suggest downloading VMware Server and try installing CentOS in a virtual machine. That way, you run in to less hardware compatibility issues and you can run Linux without interfereing with your current setup. Finally, you can learn how to compile source.

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    Thanks. I am using CentOS 4.3. When I boot with the disk, I select to install in graphical mode, and its starts doing stuff, and then it just hangs at
    running /sbin/loader

    I am so keen to learn my way around Linux, but its so frustrating not to even be able to install it.

    I will look for VMWare server and download that - will is let me install other software to run on CentOS and everything too?

    Thanks so much for your help. I will hop to it on the VMWare idea.

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    Yes, VMware will run the virtual machine as if it is a physical machine. If you plan to install a lot of applications, make sure you make the virtual hard disk large enough. In addition, have you tried installing CentOS in non-graphical mode? Your issue may be with the video card instead of the SATA drive. Food for thought.

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    yes, I have tried installing in text mode - it still hangs in the same place. I am trying the VMWare route now, but that is also giving me hassles. I have directed the CDRom to an ISO image because it kept saying invalid system disk when I tried installing CentOS, but it hasn't helped anything. the VM console always says invalid system disk and I can't access the VM BIOS because pressing esc during power on doesn't have any effect at all.

    *sigh* I realise that this new issue is aVMWare issue and not a Linux issue, but if anyone knows offhand what that could be, it would be great. Off to the VMWare forum

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    Oh cool! Sorted - discovered the whole cntrl-G-esc thing. YAY! Finally insalling CentOS. Tx for the help! Hopefully this will sort me out.

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