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    Adding one more?


    I'm currently dual booting WinXP Pro (NTFS) and Xandros OS2 Deluxe (with it's own partitioner). I have an 80G HD. There's plenty of room for a third OS . Can I use SuSE 8.2 PRO's installer to add a 2nd Linux and 3rd OS to the disk? Thanks, -Joe G.

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    Yeh sure just stick to one boot manager other wise you might start getting into problems.

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    Could you please give me a few tips on how to do this? I'm currently using Xandros' boot manager. I know that SuSE also has its own. Will SuSE give me the option of using Xandros boot manager, or the option of replacing it with its own, while still also giving me the choice of Xandros on the initial menu? Thanks, -Joe

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    Well if you where using Grub you could just add the kernels and the root for the system like so,
      root (hd0,0)
      kernel (hd0,0)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/hda3
      root (hd0,3)
      kernel (hd0,3)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/hda4
      root (hd0,4)
      kernel (hd0,4)/boot/bzImage root=/dev/hda5
    You could more then likely use the same kernel for the Linux distros

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    Thank you for your kind help. I originally dual booted WinXP and SuSE, but found that SuSE wasn't as linux newbie-friendly as I had hoped. So, I did a complete re-install of Windows and this time took a chance on Xandros. Now, after Xandros, I'm much more comfortable in Linux, so I thought I'd like to give SuSE another try. (After all, I did purchase SuSE and the disks are jut lying around collecting dust now.) But, I don't think I'm comfortable enough or knowledgeable enough to try to go into SuSE's GRUB and try rewriting it. I'm afraid I need more detailed step-by-step instruction in order to do this safely and confidently. I don't know anyone locally I can ask for help if I mess this up. I'm going to go to SuSE's web-site and see if anyone ther either has used specifically SuSE's installer or knows how to use it to do what I want. Thanks again. -Joe G.

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