I have 2 WD 36GB Raptors in RAID 0. Currently its split in to two partitions, one for windows and the other for windows games. I used Partition Magic and created about 10GB of free space for Kubuntu. I've been reading the information here:
and here:
but cant seem to figure it out.

I should mention that it is software RAID. Its on my motherboard DFI Expert SLI-DR, I'm not using a RAID card.

I have to use Synaptic and install dmraid or something so that the installer will recognize the RAID setup? I cant find where I need to go to get to the Synaptic Package Manager.

If I could just figure out how to install dmraid I'd probably be good from there.

On a side note, will I be able to setup a dual boot option to load Windows and Kubuntu with this kind of configuration?