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    If you are using Gnome as windowmanager you can right click on the lower 'taskbar' and select add to panel->Applet->System Guard.
    This will add single graphical viewer of you current CPU usage.
    Right click on it and select all the available options for display.
    This will also show your memory en Swap usage as a graphical bar.

    Using a terminal console and typing : top
    will give a text based visualisation of the useage of your machine, incl swap.

    To turn off you swap drive:
    Open termconsole and su to root.
    Type: Swapoff /dev/<partition with swap>: Example swapoff /dev/hda9

    To create a swapfile use a console and type: mkswap /dev/<partition with swap>: Example mkswap /dev/hda9
    followed by : swapon /dev/<partition with swap>: Example swapon /dev/hda9
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    well i figure i should be ok because i didnt install a boot loader i use a cd to boot the linux partition its easier and safer

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    The only thing I can ever think of that could be dangerous about dual booting is if you ever decide to go back to a single boot system, whether it be windows only or linux only. If that was ever the case you would want to be careful to not delete certain partitions. I made that mistake once and ended up having to format everything.

    But lets hope that never happens ... unless it is going to a linux only system.
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    Problem details

    Here is my desription of probme:
    I've been running Windows XP but recently decided to set up a dual boot with Linux.

    I got SuSE 9.1 Personal and went through the installatino without any problems.

    When I booted the computer, Linux booted fine and worked like a dream.

    however, when I rebooted and selected windows from the list it gave the following error :

    root (hd 0,0)
    Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7
    chainloader +1

    press any key to coninue . . . . . .. .

    When I pressed any key, it went to the Grub boot loader - If I selected windows- the same thing happened.

    I am reliably informed that this is because all linux distros at that time, when trying to partition with windows cause this problem

    Go :

    However, when I follow the intructions here (I have tried Floppy AND CD) it gets up to the point where it searches for the driverson the media and on one occaision didn't fine them - The next, it did but then when it came up with the options to fix the table - it didn't work - It just came back with the first screen saying would youi like to fix it - it is broken

    Next I rebooted and windows produced the same errors.

    I need step by step intructions on getting windows XP back up and running with no loss of data - please



    Ooh -the other thread is :

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