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    RH9 Black Screen on boot?

    Well, I just installed RH on my computer as a seperate parition and everything went fine on the install. Although I can never get to the login screen. I installed it as a desktop. When I boot redHat it goes through all the mounting of the drives. The last command I see is firstboot:. Then the screen goes black and nothing happens. Could it be a set the resolution to high in the install. (800 x 600) is still very small, but I don't know, I'm a linux newbie--this is my first time!

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    You installed on a "separate" partition? Just one partition? Is this a dual-boot?
    Me & Myself just ganged up on I....... Now We all have problems..and none of Us are speaking!
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    try , at the point of the blank screen, pressing Ctrl Alt F1 all together. Hopefully you will be present with a text console logon prompt. If so, logon as root and then :-
    /sbin/tail --lines 40 /var/log/messages
    and seed if there is anything that looks like an error message there (post them here if there are).
    Then try :-
    and see if you have any error messages there (again post them here if you do).
    I'm now trying to remember the name of the X11 log (I'm not at a Linux PC at the moment). Anyway, enter 'ls /var/log' and you'll see which one is the X11 log (it's obvious from the name) and then redo the /sbin/tail command but on that log file (the one you've just found with your ls command). Again see if there are any error messages and post them here.

    To get back to the graphics screen press Ctrl Alt F7, to kill X11 (if you ever need to) press Ctrl Alt Backspace, and to be able to scroll backwards in a terminal session, press Shift PageUp.

    have fun


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    well, I got through it. I reinstalled and set the resolution to the minium. Now it works fine. Then i was able to change it to higher with no problems. A little werid I guess.

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