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    How To Restore Windows Xp On A Dual Boot With Toshiba Product Recovery Dvd-rom.

    There are lots of fixes on the Web except this one. If you use Toshiba you only have the product recovery disc and no access to the Windows Repair Console, no passwords, no slipstream, and you think you need the original Windows Cd ? So having wrestled with the problem here is how I fixed mine. I can't speak for other Linux distros or other Toshiba CD's but anyway here it is.


    Works on a Toshiba A60 Laptop using Product Recovery Disk Part Number PMR400194ENO.


    No, you are not going to lose your data. (Well I didn't!!!)

    Ok, so when you log in XP gives you the BSOD. You browse the internet and are going to use the product recovery disc provided by Toshiba. But you still do not have the product disc from Windows, nor a code number to validate it so you can't slipstream or use the Windows recovery console.
    The only option will be to use the Toshiba disc, reformat all the HD and start from scratch?

    WRONG! BUT you are going to lose the XP partition data.
    I use Suse 10. 1 but hopefully these instructions will put you back in control with some damage but at least hours saved even if you use other Linux distros.

    1.Boot into Linux, it is still undamaged remember.

    2.You can look at your Windows partition and while you can't move or open files you can at least copy them to an external HD, or somewhere to hold them safely. Do so in the way that suits you best.

    3.Now we are going to destroy the XP partition and all it contains and rewrite XP over the top of the damaged one. THIS REFORMATS THE HD PARTITION.

    4.Insert the Toshiba Product Recovery CD and reboot.

    5.You are presented with a screen that gives 3 options, 1, 2, 9. 1- tells you it will reformat the HD and lose everything . 2 -tells you it is Expert Recovery Tool, and 9- is escape. Select Option 2.

    6.You are now in the recovery mode. Select “Options”. There are 5 headings. The first is Span/CRC but we are not going to change the first 4 so arrow key across to “Direct HDD Access”. We are going to alter the settings here using the arrow keys to select and tick the boxes needed.

    7.Arrow down to the box labeled “ Use direct IDE disk access -”ff1”” and select it. Arrow down and across and save the new settings.

    8.Now we return to the beginning using Escape button to a box with Local, Options and Quit on it-as before.

    9.Select Local -> partition-> from image. You will get a box listing partitions to use so select the correct one.

    10. It says ”File name to load image from” and you have a choice. In my case I selected 01293000.GHO, pressed OK enter and proceeded with the partition.

    11.When asked for a second disk ignore it and press OK, this may occur several times. ( I don't know if some people have a number of CD's but mine is a DVD -so they may have to disk swap.)

    12.Suddenly a box will pop up saying “Clone successful”. Reboot without the CD. “Emulation Booting-ghost image” follows on and then you are back into Windows XP fully functional again. Your MBR is untouched and Grub still offers you the Windows/ Linux options. Of course you still have to restore all the files to XP but at least you have them .


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    thanks for this indepth tutorial nice job.

    however, whenever i tried it, it always said, incorrect machine or something like that in big letters like i did something wrong installing linux. i look around in the readme.txt in the dvd, and found this

    If the value of CustomSystemInstall in the Install.Ini file is set to 0 
    then this is a RADCD (Option 3 - Creating and installing a custom system install 
    is not supported).
    and just what i found in my install.ini file

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