I did something silly the other day, I changed the lilo.conf file on one of my machines and forgot to re-run lilo. Now, the machine boots through to the first L and then repeats a 9A code. I looked through the HOW-TO's and did steps 1 through 4 (in the best interprtation that I could) and still had no joy in fixing the issue. 2 days ago I notice that the LILO HOW-TO has been removed for review http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO/

Anyone out there know how I can get outa this bind I'm in?

Mandrake 'Rescue' doesn't rescue.
'Upgrade' option won't upgrade.
'Install' option doesn't install.

I just wanna boot!

It seems that booting off of a Yamaha CD-Burner does not allow good file transfer. When I swap the CD drive out, everthing will load and boot. Problem solved by Hardware Swap. This thread can be closed. Thanx to all who looked!