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    How to install nVidia Drivers

    Hello, I recently installed RedHat Linux 8.0 on my PC. From the get go I have had troubles with my graphics card. Somethimes when I would boot it would load in WIndows X or whatever its called. Other times, it would just boot to a command line. Then when I type startx, it says all this stuff about how it cannot start the server. So I just removed the nVidia card and let my intergrated graphics be primary. Linux runs just fine like this, only I would like to use my nVidia card. I am running Windows Xp and Redhat Linux, and I have a Geforce MX 420 PCI bus. I have looked on nVidia's site, but I got kind of confused when it started asking me about all this Linux stuff. Obvioulsy I am very very new to Linux. So look forward to alot of posts from me :P. Any Help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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    well i dont have nvida however i managed to find this might try it out or at least read trough it and see if it simplifies any of it.



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    after testing my link it seems not to got that link but if you go to
    nV News Forums > Linux > Linux And NVIDIA Graphics >

    topic subject is...

    Unofficial nVidia HOWTO [RPM version]

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    If you don't post the more exact errors, it's very hard to help.

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