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    Painless Hard-drive partitioning?

    Ok, I'm installing RedHat 9 and I got everything working. up to the part where I mess with the partitions. I read just about on the subject i could get my hands on. but nothing really answered my question or made sense to me.

    Here is the scoop.
    Our computer has one hard drive. 1 partition and 2 extenisions.
    I'm going to refer to this in C:\ like terms (dont know how else to refer to them) C:\ drive is our main partition. it has Windows XP on it. the two extensions are my brothers drive E:\ and my Drive D:\.

    My drive is formatted in FAT32, and has some games and programs tucked into one folder. It has about 4 Gigs left free. I have tried everything. but the installer dosent seem to want to work with that drive.

    Also. how exactly do i make the "root" it referes to in the hard drive.

    Thank you,

    Guitarman (niave newbie)

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    If you wan't something really simple, check out Partition Magic. It does exacly what you wan't, create new partitions out of empty space. But I might think that 4 gig's are a bit too small for Redhat 9. It most likely would install, but you wouldn't have much space for saving your personal files.

    Anyway, after you created the partitions with Partiton Magic, just make the install programm format it as ext3 or reiserfs (whatever you prefer) and install / on it. While you don't a separte partition for /home etc, its smart to do so. You would also need some swap space if you're low on mem, so I would suggest getting eg. a 10 gig harddrive and use it for GNU/LInux alone.

    Good luck

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