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    Parted deleted old partitions but won't create new ones

    I had a dual boot config on this drive.
    Win 98 was on C: drive and Win 2K was on D: drive.
    Running YAST2 in SuSE 9.0 installation I was able to delete both partitions but Parted is giving error message that it is unable to create new partitions.

    I'm booting from a CD iso image and select Network installation. It correctly reads from another local drive where I have mirrored all of SuSE 9.0 from the SuSE ftp site. That's where it finds and runs YAST2.

    What gives with Parted being able to delete the old partitions but not able to create new partitions?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

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    Is cfdisk or fdisk avalible on the cdrom? cfdisk is much more easier to use than parted IMO, so you could try that out.

    Hasn't SuSE also a super-friendly partitioning program that you could use?

    Good luck

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    what are the (exact) error messages that parted give?


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    The message I got from YaST was that it was unable to create partition.

    It turned out that I had a corrupt NTFS partition (incorrect signature in partition). That explains why I originally lost the ability to boot from that drive, but oddly enough, I was able to read all the files on that drive just fine.

    The version of Data Lifeguard that came with my newer Western Digital 80GB drive also failed to fix the problem. I went to and downloaded the latest version of Data Lifeguard and I was able to repartition the drive correctly.

    After that, I had no trouble installing the latest SuSE Linux 9.0 and installed it using the Reisfer file system. The file access is very fast! It leaves Windows 2K in the dust.

    For info on the Reisfer file system visit:

    Thanks to all of you that answered my request for help! I really appreciate your interest and guidance in solving this problem.


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