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    After RH Installation - Loops towards end of startup

    I'm helping my roommate install RH8.0 onto a dual boot system indentical to mine in the way things are partitioned. We both have XP on a primary, Linux on a primary, the /boot on a primary, and the swapspace & Bootmagic under a Logical. Basically after he installs everything loads just fine until the very end. Normally you see the command login screen flash right before it goes to the flashy GUI login screen. However his flashes the command login screen for a second, goes blank for a few more seconds, then flashes back to the command login and repeats. We've tried reinstalling, and partitioning things in different ways. Any suggestions would help.

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    So you mean that happens when the system is installed? In that case, it's clearly an X config problem.
    Boot up in runlevel 3 by adding a single "3" to the kernel command line in GRUB. Then you can use the shell to fix the X configuration (the log is in /var/log/XFree86.0.log), and just start X (not GDM, since that's what keep the X server starting indefinitely) to see what error it reports. GDM is really designed to stop trying if the X server fails to initialize properly a given number of times (I don't remember just how many), but sometimes it seems that it just doesn't anyway.

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    yeah, reconfigure X, it might not support the video card you are trying to use. Don't worry, RedHat just might not have found it correctly. It might be a misconfigured mouse as well, I remember mine doing that when the mouse wasn't plugged in, or is this possbly a USB mouse?
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    I think I got it - thanks for the replies - turned out X was having problems with the monitor (sending resolutions/refresh that wasnṫ supported) so I think Ive got it sorted out. My only other question would be that if your monitor isnṫ listed under the models and Redhat canṫ get a high resolution on it, what can I do to fix this. The monitor is a ViewSonic 19 inch and has a wide variety of resolution/refresh but RH canṫ seem to use anything higher than 1024X768 with low colors.


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