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    yes i have got

    26 Mbit bandwidth

    if you check the link i gave you before you'll see.
    you may not understand a **** of swedish but i can tell you that "bredband" means broadband (obvious) and the swedish number for 26 is the same in english .
    ask dolda if you dont beleive me, hes from sweden too, so...

    about that card thing:
    i know that i generally download at speeds like 30-60kbit/sec in windows and about 30 when i'm emerging something in Gentoo (but thats obviously because of the server i'm downloading from)

    any suggestions?

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    phone your ISP.

    That is far below what you should be getting, and it certainly doesnt look like a problem with linux. Even if your card is configured to do 10MBits/Sec you should still get 1.5Megabytes.

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    sorry for my incompetence in abbrevations but what is an ISP?

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    isp = internet service provider
    BIG K aka Kyle
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    Technically you should be able to download at 3.5megabytes per second on a 26 megaBIT connection.

    This is of course assuming my calculations are correct, 8bits to the byte should mean 8 goes into 26 just over 3 times. I think. I did maths a while ago and its 1:40am so my mind isnt quite straight.

    You should be downloading (if australia is anything to go by) off a large company in america at over 200kb/s before they bandwidth throttle your download, if you have an active internet download manager, you should be able to just about cap the connection which would only be limited then to the ping you would get to the site, and the delay it takes to acknowledge the packets are recieved.

    Thats my understanding anyhow. I still think my calculations are a little off but it could be right. I think. Anyhow most ISP's in australia dont support LAN's or LINUX nor MAC's only windows tech. Which is just lame =D But you should be able to ask if they are throttling your connection, or what the pings are and what would possibly externally slowing you down.

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    broad band - modem detection (help)

    I'm a recent convert to Linux Susue 9.1 (it seems to be crash proof). Can any of you please tell me if it has a problem with detecting modems hooked up to USB ports?

    I had an old Hays modem on com1 which worked fine but I can not get it to recognise the ADSL modem for broad band that I got from my ISP.
    Is it a just a question of down loading the appropriate driver?

    Cheers guys

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