Hey everyone. I'm new to here and Linux entirely. I'm using an eMac running 10.4 and I want to set up my eMac so I can boot into OS X or a PPC linux distro. I downloaded and burned the ISOs of Yellow Dog 4.1 and Fedora Core PPC (I think the 5th version). Anyway before I wanted to use my eMac for both OSes I tried installing linux on my own. Threw the ISOs in and installed everything the best that I could. The hard drive partitioning that they included was confusing to my simple mind so I just chose to wipe the drive completly and just install linux. When i tried Fedora Core I was able to install it but I couldnt get a GUI. just a command line environment and this happened with YDL too. Both times it said there was an issue with the X window system or X server system or something. Can anyone provide any help?

Edit: Also when the ISO disk was running Anaconda Fedora Core recognized my display system as an iMac and YDL recognized it as an eMac