I have a system with onboard Intel 82845 video AND a VisionTex Radeon X1300 card. I know the Radeon will be a problem to configure with Linux, and I'll be OK using the onboard Intel, but I cannot get Linux (SUSE or White Box) to install.

Here's what happens: During install I can only get a signal to my monitor if it's connected to the Radeon. Install runs OK until the very end, and then I end up with a blank screen and a static cursor (-) in the upper left hand corner. When I reboot the system comes up in text mode reporting a problem with video. I can log in and get to a command prompt, but no GUI. Apparently Linux does not react well with the Radeon. I've run the Radeon Linux config program (downloaded from ATI) from the command prompt - still no luck.

As I said earlier I'd be OK using the onboard Intel 82845, but how do I get a signal to the monitor.

I am verty new to Linux, and essentially helpless at a command prompt!!