I purchased a 7044-44P RS/6000 and am trying to install ppc linux. When I boot into the Firmware menus, the native IBM screens display fine and I can access the firmware prompts without any trouble.

I have the ppc CDs for Gentoo, Suse, and Fedora from which I can get to the 'boot:' prompt fine (The screen diplays perfectly).

However, once I continue past this prompt (I believe when the linux kernel loads at install) my display will show some IBM information, then screw up when it cuts over to linux. This happens as soon as linux boots, without using X windows at all. The linux console displays on two separate halves of the screen and in a tiny, unreadable screen. Linux runs, and I could continue with the installation if I could see anything.

This has happened in all 3 versions of linux that I have tried. Is there a display/driver issue with the 44P that causes linux to display this way? Is there a special way that I can configure a boot CD to use some sort of generic display driver that will work. I don't need X windows at this point, but at least want to run linux.