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    mandrake on portege 3020CT laptop

    Trying to install mandrake 10 on an old POS laptop more or less for fun (perhaps run a server on it). Its a Portege 3020CT and it has a pcmcia cd-rom, 96MB ram, 6gig HDD

    It has no option to boot from a cd-rom... (this is extremely old, 300mhz, 96mb of ram).

    Using the pcmcia boot floppy I managed to get the installer to recognize my external pcmcia cd-rom for installation.
    I put in disc 1 or 3 for Mandrake 10 community.
    I reached the language selection, selected english, then accepted the license agreement. Shortly after I got to another screen that says:

    Found "imm", "ppa" interfaces
    Do you have another one?
    Yes/No/See hardware info

    If I select yes I get a list of what appears to be a bunch of differnt drivers (random letters/numbers)

    If I select no, it tells me:

    An error occurred
    An error occurred - no valid devices were found on which to create new filesystems. Please check your hardware for the cause of this problem

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    I found this in the first page of a google "linux Portege 3020CT".

    this ones debian -

    might help. You could always follow these instructions and go with debian.
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