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Thread: partitioning

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    i'm want to install Windows XP and Redhat linux 8in a single HDD.
    how could i manage the patitions. im plannig to partition with fdisk and install Win XP ,then install Linux in one of the logical drives. Will it go fine?
    suggest me a way to partion it without any problems

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    Logical drives? Are you referring to extended partitions? If so, it'll go fine.
    Do as you said, install Windows first. Also, install Windows on the first partition on the drive.
    One thing is really important, though. If your BIOS (or motherboard) is older than from 2000 or 2001, you'll need a different partitioning scheme. If it is older than that, post back here.
    Otherwise, just do it like this: Delete all partitions all your drive (the Windows installer will let you do that), create the windows partition as large as you want it to be, and install windows. Then install Linux. The redhat installation program might be able to auto-partition the rest of your drive, otherwise, use "Disk Druid", which will tell you what your partitions should look like.

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