Hi just to start of i am a windows user and i have moved over to linux but ive been having these problems. i downloaded the live cd i put it in my drive and i booted from it. It worked fin at the front page then it loaded all the driver and configuering x and so on. Then it came to the firt black screen with the "-" It worked fine it loaded hardware and the resticted divers and so on then on the same screen it said INIT: entering run level 2. This worked fine also it went really quick so i coulndt catch any words but i caught loading bluetooth then it came to another black screen with a "-" but it didnt do anything i let it run for an hour and it didnt do any thing i tried pushing every button and tryed loading it again 3 times but no succes. I really want to do this kubuntu linux os but i realkly need help

thanks in advance