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    Please help with second linux distro install

    Hello, I currenly have SuSE 8.2 on my system with GRUB as a bootloader.

    I want to install Debian on a separate partition on my hard drive to learn another ditro. Currently, I have hda with windows, hdb partitioned as SuSE and swap file, both as reiserfs.

    What I want to do is install Debian Woody with GRUB still as the bootloader, but it really just wants to put LILO in instead. I wimped out, as I had no idea what combining two boot loaders would do!

    Is there some way I can install debian under Linux, or should I backup everything from SuSE, wipe it all out, and do LILO/Debian on the whole hard drive?

    I really don't know how to work either bootloader well, so as many painful details as you have the patience to provide is appreciated. Thank you!

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    A quick google search and I found this that gives a good explaination of how to do a single LILO install to make things work.

    I installed Suse, a second distro & that other OS... if you are configuring from YAST use "other operating system" and which partition the second bootloader is on. ie., install windows (if you must), install redhat with bootloader on /root partition, install Suse with bootloader on MBR. Configure bootloader to start other OS on HDAx, redhat on HDAx

    I purchased a copy of partition expert & it simplifies things, but as long as you are follow the manpages you can use LILO easy enough. MAKE A BOOT FLOPPY FOR EACH DISTRO

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    when it gets to the "install a boot loader - LILO" bit, tell it to skip that bit. Then you should be left with Grub being controlled by your first distro. Then go into that distro and amend /boot/grub/grub.conf so that it has the lines needed for your second distro.

    Also have a look at the tutorial seciton of this site for information about grub and how to get out of trouble. Also enter "info grub" on your own PC.

    have fun


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