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    Lightbulb Let me get this straight [images included]

    Let me see if I've got this partitioning and boot junk down pat. Two images will help here:

    True or False?

    *MBR resides in the very beginning of the hard drive irrespective of the # of primary or extended partitions. There is only one mbr. It only exists on the ACTIVE primary partition - which is the FIRST partition on a HD.

    *users can run xp and linux on the same harddrive, called multi-booting. They can use either NTLDR or GRUB on the mbr, but one of them must be on the mbr.

    *If GRUB is on the mbr, default to load is linux --->can this be changed? In this case, NTLDR needs to be (where)?

    *If NTLDR is on the mrb, default to load is windows --->can this be changed? In this case, GRUB needs to be in the boot section (boot sector) of the partition with LINUX installed. The "/" partition.

    edit: hope you like my drawrings

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    *If GRUB is on the mbr, default to load is linux. In this case, NTLDR needs to be (where)?
    you can change default OS in /boot/grub/grub.conf file. forget about NTLDR coz its problematic. Install GRUB in MBR and Dual Boot ( Multi-Boot ) is default in all Linux Distributions. GRUB will recognize existing installed OS.

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    works perfect - thanks


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