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    iam connecting to my pc which is located at my home having some ip Addr.Y.Z.L from my office system ...

    1...when i issue the "ping" command with home Ip Addr from my office, it is showing Destination Host Unreachable...

    But, When I Issue the "Traceroute" command with ip addr of my home from my office , It is showing all the intermediate stages between my home ipAddr and Office Ip Address ...

    Why it is HAppen Like that......

    2....Even i can able to connect to that home IP Addr also from my office thru client program which i was written at my Office System....

    I Check the connection Status through " netstat -an" command , it is in establised State....

    Can anybody Help in this Regard
    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Mallik,

    There might be some routers in between that act as firewall that could prevent you to connect to you home system. You are saying that you were unable to ping to your home computer, so I guess you will not be able to connect to it. You can contact your office tech. people to check whether particular ports are being blocked by them that's preventing you.

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    hello Tinker

    before that Thanx for ur Help

    i want some more Clarification regarding this ,

    What ever the system iam trying to issue the command Traceroute , also applied using ping....

    So, Using Traceroute , it shows me the internediate routers....
    But, incase of ping , it shows me "Destination Host Unreachable".....

    My Question is if it is working with "Traceroute", why it is showing "Destination Host Unreachble" with Ping....

    Pls help me in this regard../ give me a Path to find Out this

    Once again Thanx Mr Tinker...

  4. $spacer_open
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    Traceroute uses different UDP ports while sending its packets, whereas ping always uses a standard port for the packets, so if the firewalls block the port that is being used by ping you can't ping it...
    Actually I was able give the possible reasons for your failure, but I dont know yet a better solution for your problem.
    I'll get back to you if I get any idea to work around.

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    Also, Some home routers (like linksys for example) have a feautre that disables annonymous internet requests which in turn will turn of the ping capability.

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    iam new to this networking pls help me,

    i don't know route command , what is actually doing. how it is useful.
    can anybody give a good material / site to understand.

    it is help full for me , if anybody gives a small description of the route command.

    Thanx in Advance

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    The best introduction to networking that you could have can be found in the Linux Networking HOWTO (Previously the Net-3 Howto).

    A good place to start with the route command is its manpage, which isn't very long. Type 'man route' at a command prompt.
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    hello TinkeR,

    thanx TinkeR, i got the point what you were send the information.

    Can you give a small description about "route " command/ atleast u can give a material/site for that.

    Once again thanx Mr TinkeR

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    Hi Mallik,

    I didn't get you right. Actually the route command is used to enter the entries manually to the routing table, I don't think you can solve the problem on your machine by using this.
    This website might give you better insight.
    Once again I'm sorry I was unable to give you the solution.

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