Hey all,

i have a 4gb flash drive i want to try formatting with jffs2. Having some trouble though. I read a page saying i first had to erase the drive before i could do anything. So i grabbed the latest mtd utils. I tried using flas_erase but i dont know how to tell how many blocks there are. i tried using an insanely large number...it ran without error but it ran instantly. I'm guessing it should have taken a few seconds/minutes or something to erase?

i also tried using flash_eraseall:

flash_eraseall -j /dev/sdc

but it says: unable to get MTD device info

Oh i also tried using mkfs.jffs2...it created an image but then stopped at around 2gb saying it was too large. I tried copying it to the thumb drive anyhow but it just showed up as a file on the drive.

Any suggestions?