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    Mandrake 9.1 Installed...Problems commence

    Well, I'm very new at Linux so this shouldn't surprise many of you.
    I'll start from the top
    1) I downloaded a partition creator from Limewire earlier today to get a full version that wouldn't bug out on me and would let me create another partition.
    2) Ok, I made the partition great
    3) Restart computer, oh look it's in recovery mood..
    4) I go in and change my boot priorities to CD (because my Mandrake is on there)
    5) install mandrake. but **** the process I lose windows..(not a big deal, i didn't like it much anyways) I advance and put the bootloader on diskette
    6) restart
    7) change boot priority to diskette
    Mandrake starts to load up
    9) now it comes up with a prompt with a localhost..i type nick and my password
    i'm i try a bunch of, help, etc.
    i say login..I put in my admin name and crap..."you do not have the authoritiziation" or something comes up.
    Now what do I do?
    I'm on my old crap comp now, it only has a floppy (incase somebody can find me a decent LOAF I thought I'd say that)

    What should I do?

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    Tried logging in as root?

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    how do i do that?
    all i have is some wierd [nick nick]$ kinda looking thing (the name i put in is mine
    I then type login
    it comes up with login: i type xxxx
    password: xxxx

    "authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info" comes up

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    I dunno, ive never run into that kind of problem.. see if you cant drop down to the base level and type login from console... (cd.. till you cant anymore type login, use the username root, and you should have specified the root password when you installed)

    Usually if i have trouble when i havnt got any important files on the PC, i reinstall... my mandrake 9.1 is running smoothly atm... cept it wont compile packages... missing C encoder or something... and all the FTP's i look at to get an appropritte C compiler are allways full... max sessions of 15.

    Yeah, if you dont have anything important i would reinstall if i were you, and create the stuff again...

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    it comes up this i type this
    [localhost@root root] # login

    and it resets to [local@host host].

    Maybe it's a problem with my Install CD
    Do you know where I can get a free copy of Mandrake from the net that can fit on one CD?

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    redwall7: Dont type "login" at this prompt: "[localhost@root root] #" because you are allready logged in and typing login assumes you want to login as a different user which first logs you out!! If you want to get a graphical session going then instead of typing "login" type "startx" instead. Also DO NOT use the root account as default try useing the oiginal user that you created during the install process.

    Skythra: You need gcc (the GNU C Compiler) It should be on the cd's. you cant compile anything without it! Also - advising people to re-install whenever they get a problem is not a good idea! In my experiance with linux there is *almost* never a situation where a reinstall is required when you need to make something work! Instead all that is likly to happen is that the same problem will come around again and you will have wasted a lot of time and learned nothing. If you do research and fix it without reinstalling then, if it should happen again, you will not have a problem sorting it out!


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    I know what i need, and i know it should have been on the CD's but it for some reason isnt. Ive given up on mandrake 10, and installing mandrake 9.2 instead... or will when they finish downloading.

    Its great how they give out compilers for free... uncompiled!

    I searched and installed so many files, but each of them had their seperate errors... But if i just install 9,2 with the GCC with it, then i shouldnt have problems, and will be able to compile the stuff myself! (theoretically)

    But yeah thanks anyways =D

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