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Thread: Fedora and Grub

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    Fedora and Grub

    I have a PC with two harddrives. On my first drive hde I had Fedora Core 1 installed and running fine. I decided to install Core2 test 1 on my second drive hdh just to try it out. Well after the install I noticed that Core 1 was replaced in Grub with Core2. I thought I would have a dual-boot system but that was not the case. How can I get Core1 back in Grub?

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    edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and add the core one kernel and initrd to it... it's not that difficult.. just copy the current stuff and change the drive and filenames... just don't delete the stuff that's already there.
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    as LordNothing says, it's not hard.

    You must be in control of your /boot/grub/grub.conf . Go, have a look at it and also a look at the turorial sections in this site. Then have a look at "info grub" on your own PC. Then you'll see how it is put together. Then edit it (add some lines) and have a play. If all fails you can always get yourself out of the pooh by using the stuff in the tutorial section.

    But, when you do decide to install another distro alongside your existing Linux, skip the "install and upgrade your boot loader" bit.

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