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    multi boot - but with seperate partitions for /usr, etc ...

    good evening

    after a successful (eventually!) installing a dual boot of SuSE 10.1 and windblows, i would also like to install another couple on there for good measure.

    i have FC5 (which, doesnt seem to work (CD) - it loads the initial setup, but then asks me to put the disc in - ie it cant read it), debian 3.1, mandriva 2007 and knoppix live CD - of which mandriva and debian seem the likely candidates for installation.

    obviously, having seperate partitions for the whole distro (ie, everything installed under /root on one partition) makes it easy - i just create a new logical and whack it on there.

    however - my partition map is as follows:

    /dev/sda1 windows backup
    /dev/sda2 windows xp main (C)
    /dev/sda3 windows xp (D)
    /dev/sda4 extended partition
    /dev/sda5 /shared (FAT32, for sharing between linux and windows)
    /dev/sda6 / (suse root)
    /dev/sda7 /home (suse home)

    so i have a seperate /home already for SuSE.

    basically, this machine is used as a web/software development machine, so as you can imagine if possible i would like to share directories such as /usr/local, that contain apache, eclipse, SVN, php, ruby etc and the like, so i dont have to have a seperate install for each of the distros, and they can all share it (and thus maintain a load of config files. i can imagine with a few distros, it will be hard to keep each piece of software in sync so my apps will work across all distros) and they can all happily use the same stuff so i only have to edit it one place, and they will all read the same sources.

    i hope this makes sense - and can be done easily enough ... if not no worries, ill just keep them all seperate


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    this is really off the track ,but anyway. I take it you into web development and stuff. Do you do perl/Cgi scritps in linux...please let me know what you change in the httpd.conf file under suse to get apache to exacute Cgi...this got me stuck........really appreciated..

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