Im running VMware Server on Windows XP (Professional),i'm trying to install CentOS 4.4i836. I am able to boot run throught the initial setup. But when it actually installs the packages on my system it crashes and shuts down the installation. showing the error:

Starting graphical installtion . . .
install exited abnormally
sending terminatio signales . . .done
sending kill signals . . . done
disabling swap . . .
unmounting filesystems . ..
blar ...
you my safely reboot your system

ISO that i am running is CentOS-4.4-i386-binDVD.iso

System Spec

- AMD Athlon 64 2211Mhz
- L1 Cache: 128k 18120MB/s
- L2 Cashe: 512k 15459MB/s
- Memory: 2619MB/s
- Chipset: Intel i440BX
- BIOS Version/Date phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 02/07/2005
- SMBIOS Version: 2.2
- HDD1: Serial ATA -80GB
- HDD2: IDE - 80GB
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256MB


- in vmware i have set the guest operating system as, Redhat, Other linux, other linux 2.6 kernel. Redhat enterprise linux 4.

- I have an IDE and SCSI hard drive. I have tried installing CentOS on both of these via VMware.

- i have tried to Boot via IDE and SCSI in VMware on both hard drives.

- installing Redhat 9 still outputs same error.

- installing via text mode

my guest would be that the BIOS version needs updating or a new driver needs installing. But it's only a guess.

I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction, been tring to figure this out or a couple of days now and not gettig very far. My knowledge in linux is still in it's early stages.

Many Thanks